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The Black Box

Dealing with most search firms is like staring into a black box. There is no transparency into the firm’s recruiting process. It feels like a race to your inbox, as firms send resumes without any knowledge of their candidates.

The Recruiting Antidote to the Black Box

JBR was founded to be the antidote to the black box problem. In order to produce different results, we had to create a different process. Our strategy is simple, carefully prospect candidates, recruit more than we need, employ a robust vetting process, provide real-time updates and deliver executive summaries on each candidate complete with personality assessments.


Robust Vetting Process

Hand-Selected Candidates

J Bennett recruiting is a thorough and comprehensive recruitment agency that understands the importance of finding the perfect candidate for your specific role.


Once a significant number of candidates have been identified, our team will narrow down the pool to 10-15 candidates for phone screening.

Video Interviews

After the initial phone screening process, JBR will conduct extensive video interviews of shortlist candidates. Interviews are recorded and made available for client review.

Executive Interview Reports & Recordings

At J Bennett Recruiting, we understand the importance of hiring the right candidate for an executive position. That’s why we offer our clients Executive Interview Reports & Recordings, allowing them to gain a better understanding of the candidates they are recruiting. Our in-depth reports provide valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate, helping our clients make informed decisions.

Interview Reports Include:

Final Recommendations

Once the video interviews have been conducted and reviewed, J Bennett Recruiting will then provide their final recommendations to the client. This will include their top two candidates who they believe will best thrive in the client’s company culture and exceed the expectations of the job specifications.

We then will provide an in-depth report on each of the two candidates, listing both the pros and cons of each candidate.

Final Candidates & Recap of Job Search

Once we have narrowed down the pool of candidates to the top few, we present our final recommendations to the client, along with an in-depth report on each candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall fit for the role.

24/7 Dashboard

When you collaborate with J Bennett Recruiting, you’ll gain exclusive access to a personalized 24/7 dashboard designed to enhance your recruitment experience. This dashboard serves as a powerful tool that provides you with real-time updates and a comprehensive overview of the entire placement process.

J Bennett Recruiting aims to provide you with a seamless and transparent experience throughout the recruitment process. It empowers you with the information you need to stay involved, make informed decisions, and optimize your hiring strategy. With this tool at your disposal, you can effectively manage your placements and ensure a successful outcome for your organization.

1 Game-Changing Leader

J Bennett Recruiting is committed to providing the client with the most suitable and qualified candidate for the role. After the vetting process is complete and the client has selected their preferred candidate, we guarantee that you will be onboarding a ground shaker that will make a significant impact on their business in the long run.

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